Plantation Shutters

Untitled5JAG Window Tinting & Treatments stock plantation shutters that the design, durability, and performance needed in demanding commercial building settings. Our custom plantation shutters can withstand years of wear and tear without cracking, fading, warping or peeling. Most importantly, they never have to be refinished! Plantation shutters can make a space feel more like home, and that is very important when designing retail, healthcare and hospitality facilities.

For healthcare and hospitality facilities, it is important to consider a window treatment that makes the space feel more like home. Our Hand-Crafted PVC Composite Shutters are custom built to specification using high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Modern production techniques preserve historical accuracy in both design and durability of our shutters. While the manufacturing facility is capable of mass production, custom woodworkers hand assemble every shutter to ensure accuracy and quality. Accuracy and quality are ensured by high manufacturing standards and quality assurance processes. Components are milled at a local Orlando factory ensuring structural integrity from the initial specifications to the finished product.

Untitled4Commercial spaces, like offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and hospitals, are beginning to realize the advantages of using plantation shutters. Because shutters have an extremely long life, are highly energy efficient, and require minimal maintenance, they are being viewed as a good long term option for many commercial establishments.

The trick to making plantation shutters “work” in your commercial space is thinking through the design and install parameters.

Many commercial applications desire a poly shutter, rather than a real wood shutter. While poly shutters are a tad more expensive, the durability under heavy use, coupled with fire retardant ratings designed for commercial applications especially important in hotels and hospitals more than makes up for the slightly higher price point. Of course offices and restaurants which are designing for a rich wood stain look are well served by stained wood shutters.

Custom options such as rail placement, rail modification, louver angles and arched tops are available due to the expertise of master craftsmen. Such custom options are inexpensive, allowing for flexibility and allowing our customers to use their creativity to design shutters which fit their taste and style. Keen attention to detail and careful planning is given to each shutter design to ensure that the product meets and exceeds customer expectation. Whether your needs include PVC Composite shutters built to custom specification or simply to standard styles, you will be pleased with our extensive knowledge and ability to produce a truly superior custom shutter.

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