Over the years we have developed more and more relationships with contractors. We believe it is a testament to how we do business. Contractors and store owners have come to expect a certain level of work when they deal with us. We return phone calls, show up on time and perform work at the highest level of quality. Contractors know when they hire us to work on their projects that their customers will be happy, and that reflects well on them. Let us show you how we have earned the the title “A Shade Above The Rest!”

The IBJ BuildingThe IBJ Building
This commercial building was getting too much morning sun. We tinted the entire east side and really helped reduce the excessive heat gain in the morning. It also helped cut the glare from their employee’s computer screens.

The Century Center, South Bend, IN
These skylights are tempered glass, some had broken and been dangerous for people below. JAG was brought in and we applied a safety film over all of the panels (38,000 sq. ft.). So in the future if any panels happen to break, the safety film will keep the glass in place, thus keeping people safe from falling glass.