Indianapolis Jag - Testimonials

  • We have been so impressed with the outcome of our window treatments by JAG. Not only does our office look great, but the temperature is so much more consistent in our display showroom for our patients. In addition, we now know that our wood display cases are protected from UV light which will save us SO much money long term by not having to replace them. Thanks James for a professional job well done.

    ~ Dr. Jeremy A. Ciano, RevolutionEYES

  • Let it be known that the company JAG installed window tinting on the East facing windows of our main office to include our conference room and main entrance.

    The work was performed by JAG personnel during our normal business hours with minimal disruption to our staff. JAG performed all preparatory work including blind removal, installed the tint film, cleaned up, and re-installed the blinds in the same business day. All technical questions were handled in a professional and thorough manner. We remain very satisfied with their product

    ~ James Floyd, Chief Operating Officer

  • You totally deserved to get this much sooner, but I have been crazy busy and part of that I can probably thank you for. Sometimes it is difficult to drive in a company vehicle, you never want to go anywhere if you might be having a bad hair day…haha. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You scheduled me in within days, were professional and I have to say I was SOOOOOOO impressed how much of a perfectionist you are, you were almost completely finished and noticed a tiny smudge that must have been IN the tint, you took it off and re did the entire thing. The truck looks GREAT, I get tons of compliments on it and I tell everyone who asks that JAG Window Tinting really is A Shade Above The Rest! Thanks Again! Oh, and when you get a chance I need some business cards I tell everyone that asks to only go to YOU!

    ~ Elise Perry, Beach Bum Vacation

  • I just wanted to Thank You and JR for the wonderful job tinting my windows. It was at least 5 degrees cooler downstairs yesterday than it has been in the past. I can’t wait for this rain to end to really see the true effect of the tinting.

    ~ A.R. from Avon

  • Thank you for taking extra time in your day to move your schedule around to get us in. We have had a lot of vehicle windows tinted before, but never with such meticulous care. They are flawless! Thanks again for the great work, and I hope to get together with you again soon on some more projects.

    ~ JH

  • Thank you for all of your work on our Fishers location. Before you applied the silver 20 film to the south side of our building, we were unable to cool the building. Afterwards we were able to cool it with no problem. Window tint was a must for this building. We look forward to working with you on our future projects.

    ~ Mark Yeager, Yeager Properties

  • James and his crew gave a us a great estimate, showed up as planned, and did a completely professional installation. JAG Tint has great products to choose from, excellent prices, and are great to work with. That film made an immediate impact on the temperature of our offices and eliminated the need for us to run space heaters. I’m sure we’ll get back the full cost in just a couple of months. I highly recommend them.

    ~ Tim Heidenreich – Chief Operating Officer Indiana Computer Enterprises, Inc

  • James did a great job on the Black Charger. He took his time so it was perfect. He actually did the back window a 2ND time while I waited because he believed it was not perfect. That convinced me that JAG is committed to excellence!  I can recommend JAG.

    ~ Jim Roytek

  • Jag recently installed window tint on my car, I was looking for a very high quality install and that is what I received! They are very professional and their quality is top notch, I would recommend them to anyone interested in improving the look or functionality of their vehicle, house or business. It is hard to find companies that believe in providing quality services and Jag simply does just that! Thank you Jag!!!

    ~ David Decker