Vertical & Horizontal Blinds

Experience light control and privacy with our custom window blinds. Whether you need horizontal blinds for windows, or vertical blinds to add decor and function to your sliding glass doors and large windows, our window blinds will complement your home’s decor. No matter what window type, size, or shape you have, we can treat it.

Vertical blinds have long been favored for being easy to clean, durable and functional. Discover the unmatched selection of high-quality custom verticals brought to you by JAG Window Tinting & Treatments. Our variety vertical blind collection features a wide range of vinyl and fabric styles with colors, textures, and privacy levels to suit any decorating style and light control need, a product perfect for Orlando large windows and condos with a gorgeous view.

Aluminum blinds from JAG Window Tinting & Treatments bring you the very best in function, finishes, style and durability. Carefree maintenance and our spring-tempered aluminum slats bounce right back to even the toughest treatment making them perfect for any room of the house and any budget. JAG Window Tinting & Treatments offers a comprehensive selection of colors, slat sizes, headrail systems and options to perfectly fit any budget, window
application and personal taste. Our optional Light-Ban feature diminishes visible route holes to block out 50% more light to maximize privacy and light control. For the ultimate in convenience and child safety, motorization is available.

FAUX WOOD BLINDS_1Faux wood blinds offer homeowners all the classic style of real wood blinds, but with the added durability of composite blinds. This allows them to resist moisture in very humid or wet environments. Faux wood blinds are perfect for waterfront homes and also perform well in steamy bathrooms and hot kitchens. Choose from a wide variety of paints and finishes to complement almost any home decor color scheme. We also offer a large selection of vertical blinds as well as metal blinds.

10 Reasons to Choose Faux Wood Blinds

  1. Made from durable polymer materials, faux wood blinds wont crack, chip, or peel, and have UVA inhibitors that keep them from yellowing.
  2. In their closed position, faux wood blinds are energy-saving window treatments, as they reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption, lowering your energy bills.
  3. Faux wood blinds effectively block UV rays when closed, preventing damage to your furnishings, flooring, artwork, and other valuables.
  4. They are available in 1″ – 2½” slat sizes to give you the option of emphasizing either your roman decor or your outside view.
  5. Available colors range from a variety of whites and neutrals, to deep wood grains, and an array of smooth or textured finishes to complement your home decor.
  6. Faux wood blinds come standard with a decorative valance and contoured bottom rail.
  7. A heavy-duty slim design head rail and crash-proof cord-lock ensures smooth and reliable operation every time.
  8. Optional operating systems include motorization or cordless lift, which are safer choices for homes with children and pets.
  9. You can accessorize your faux wood blinds with solid and decorative tapes, adding a personal touch to your custom window blinds.
  10. Faux wood blinds are a cost-effective way to add the look of beautiful wood to your home at a fraction of the price.

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