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Block the Heat Coming from Your Commercial Windows

Improve the overall experience inside your facility, for both customers and employees, by covering your commercial windows with window film, blinds and window shades. While commercial windows can create an abundance of natural light, they also can be burdensome at times. Excessive heat from the sun can cause heat pockets and high energy costs. Meanwhile, … Read more

JAG Window Tinting & Treatments Keep the Florida Sea Turtle Safe

Protecting the sea turtle population is a priority for wildlife-conscious property owners and business leaders along the Florida coast. Window tinting is just one way to keep these turtles in Florida safe, and the experts at JAG Window Tinting & Treatments make the process easy. Window Tinting Recommended for Sea Turtle Safety During sea turtle … Read more

Add Window Film & Treatments to Your Storefront

Boost customer and employee experiences in your storefront business with window film and treatments. Products are designed to add privacy and style, add a layer of security and lower high energy costs associated with heating or cooling your space. Add Style and Privacy to Your Storefront Surveys conducted by world-leading office furniture manufacturer, Steelcase, found … Read more

Let the Light in at Work: Natural Light Proven to Improve Employee Well-being, Productivity

Group of people talking at wooden desk surrounded by wall-to-wall glass

Natural light has proven to improve employee well-being, productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. Consider designing an office space that embraces natural light for your employees. A 2018 study by Alan Hedge, a professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell, found that workers in office environments with natural light reported an … Read more