Do You Live Near The Beach?

Turtle TintTurtle-Safe Tint for windows that face the beach can help give hatchlings a fighting chance. NOW IS THE TIME FOR BEACH RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES TO WORK TOWARD HELPING FLORIDA SEA TURTLES HATCH!

As much as we all love sea turtles, humans are the number one danger to these tiny creatures. Reducing the amount of ‘light pollution’ visible from nesting beaches is the

first step toward reducing hatchling mortality. We urge people to close curtains or blinds after dark, turn off lights on properties and parking lots, and — the best and most permanent solution — use turtle-safe window tint on windows that face the beach.

Science tells us that turtles return year after year to nest on the same beach where they were born. Nature has programmed hatchlings to follow the reflected light of the stars and moon on nearby water, leading them to begin their long lives at sea. However, visible light on the beach can disorient hatchlings, causing them to crawl in the wrong direction and never reach the safety of the surf. Many of them end up dying of dehydration, predation, or even accidentally being stepped on or run over by cars.

Together we could go a long way toward increasing the number of hatchlings returning all their lives to nest on our beautiful Space Coast beaches.

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