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Top 3 Reasons to Install 3M Auto Tint

Auto Tint Installed By JAG

With heat indexes regularly exceeding 100 degrees, the Sunshine State’s summer months can be brutal. Luckily, 3M auto tint is scientifically proven to help motorists drive more comfortably under blistering heat and sunlight.

Consider these three reasons to have 3M™ Auto Tint installed on your vehicle.

Reason No. 1: 3M Auto Tint can Lower Heat

A hot car can be as dangerous as it is uncomfortable, and factory-tinted glass installations can be pricy. Developed by 3M’s innovative research team, Crystalline and Ceramic IR auto tints are engineered for optimal heat reduction at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods.

Constructed with unique, multilayer optical film technology, Crystalline auto tints can outperform factory-tinted glass by several industry metrics, including infrared rejection.

The Crystalline Series’ darkest films, including the CR 20, block a market-leading 99% of heat-producing infrared rays. When fully installed, Crystalline tints can reduce interior temperatures by as much as 47 degrees without the use air conditioning. However, dark tints are not necessary for excellent heat reduction. Even lighter tints in Crystalline have been known to block heat.

3M™ Ceramic IR Series is constructed with absorptive nano-ceramic technology that provides up to 95% infrared rejection. Ceramic IR films are available in various tint degrees, including 70%, 50%, 30% and 5%.

Treat yourself and your passengers to a cool ride. Help diminish the scorching Florida heat with effective and affordable 3M tints from JAG.

Reason No. 2: 3M Auto Tint Will Reduce Glare

Glare while driving can put drivers at serious risk. Make distracting glare a bygone by installing Crystalline or Ceramic IR tints to your auto.

Crystalline auto tints have a unique construction, which is comprised of over 200 layers of optical film. Crystalline films remain thinner than a Post it® Note. This technology allows the series’ CR 20 tint to yield a total glare reduction rate of 77%.

3M’s Ceramic IR Series also offers outstanding glare-combative auto tints, which can deter as much as 93% of solar glare.

Ready to make your daily commutes glare-free and irresistibly comfortable? Consider installing Crystalline or Ceramic IR tints at JAG.

Reason No. 3: 3M Auto Tint Helps Block UV Rays

UV light, although naturally imperceptible, contributes to long-term eye damage and interior fading of your auto. In some cases, excessive ultraviolet exposure can even lead to skin cancer.

Both Crystalline and Ceramic IR tints virtually eliminate ultraviolet transmission, providing 99.9% UV deterrence across all product variations. Each tint yields a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000, providing excellent comfort and safety on the road.

Maintain your vehicle’s integrity and avoid unnecessary health risks with JAG’s 3M™ Crystalline and Ceramic IR auto tints.

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3M films are designed to improve the overall experience on the road for drivers. Lower heat, reduce glare and help block UV rays by installing 3M auto tint.

Manufactured by a global leader in adhesive technology, 3M™ Automotive Window Films are guaranteed not to bubble or turn purple. And when installed by a 3M™ Pro Shop like JAG Window Tinting & Treatments, the film is backed by a strong warranty.

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