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Group of people talking at wooden desk surrounded by wall-to-wall glass

Let the Light in at Work: Natural Light Proven to Improve Employee Productivity, Satisfaction

Natural light has proven to improve employee wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. Consider designing an office space that embraces natural light for your employees. A 2018 study by
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Group of people conversing at conference table in front of bright window

Improve Your Citizen, Employee Experience in Your Public Facilities

What if there was a way to design your public facilities that would increase happiness and improve the wellbeing of your employees and citizens? A Global Impact of Biophilic Design
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Navy and white kitchen/dining room with vertical blinds over window with water view

Get Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

Looking for a way to increase privacy with window treatments while adding style to your home decor? There are literally hundreds of options and styles to choose from. JAG Window
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