Automotive Services


3M’s new family of window films offer superior protection, comfort and style. The technology used in this lightest tinded, metal-free Crystalline film rejects more infrared heat than other traditional films. These unique films also combine low reflectivity to maintain vehicle’s original appearance.


Ride in style and comfort. Film Ceramic IR Series offers great infrared heat rejection for optimal comfort and is available in an attractive neutral color. The series was developed with a nano-ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared heat rejection. It rejects up to 66% of total solar energy and up to 95% of infrared heat rejection for optimal thermal comfort. 


3M Color Stable automotive film is an unique nano-carbon polyester product unlike other conventional films. A metal free film offering style, “stability” and performance. While offering great heat rejection, this product resembles factory tinted glass and will never fade.


3M FX High Performance automotive film offers outstanding solar performance with a sleek charcoal finish. This hybrid dyed film and metalized technology is an excellent value with great performance. All of the films in this family come with a lifetime warranty!