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Block the Summer Heat with Window Tinting, Treatments

Window Film, Treatments Help Block Summer Heat

The Florida summer months can bring with it sweltering heat. Help block the summer heat and make the summer months more comfortable by adding window treatments at home and 3M™ Window Film at home and on your vehicle.

Reduce Summer Heat with Window Treatments

Window treatments can reduce heat at home while lowering energy costs. According to the Department of Energy, “In heating seasons, tightly installed cellular shades can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, which equates to about 20% heating energy savings.” The same can be assumed for cooling your home.

Window treatments can help enhance your space while adding comfort, style and privacy. As a Hunter Douglas Coverings Priority Dealer, JAG offers hundreds of choices of custom shades in color, texture, fabric and function. Window shutters, blinds, roller shades and automated shades are custom built or specified to your home. These window coverings help reduce the incoming UV rays and heat.

At JAG we carry window treatments that function automatically. Blinds and roller shades in your home can be scheduled to open electronically with a simple push of a button on your mobile phone. Your window covering can be programmed to open at a specific time based on the sun’s location or simply by remote control. Make it easier to manage the sunlight in your home using Hunter Douglas’ Powerview® Automation.

Window treatments can completely change the look and feel of a space and offer maximum sunlight control in areas. Let in the natural light on your own terms while helping to block summer heat.

Enjoy the View with Window Film

Time spent next to your windows can be more comfortable and enjoyable with 3M™ Sun Control Window Film. Help block UV rays, lower summer heat and reduce high energy costs associated with cooling your home.

According to Department of Energy, heat gain through windows is responsible for 25% to 30% of residential cooling energy use. If you want to reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows, sun control window film can help.

Applying 3M™ Window Film is like applying 1,000 SPF sunscreen to the windows of your home. It works to make you feel comfortable by cutting glare and helping to slow harmful UV rays (the leading cause of the fading of floors and furniture) – all while saving on energy costs.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film provides long lasting comfort, allows high transmission of visual light, rejects up to 97% of heat-producing infrared light and enhances the views from the inside while maintaining an attractive look on the outside.

Keep Your Vehicle Cooler, Block Summer Heat

The summer heat not only rises the temperatures in our homes, but our vehicles. Help cool down your auto, even when it is parked in the hot sun, with 3M™ Automotive Window Film.

3M window tinting helps make your ride more comfortable while adding style and privacy. 3M™ Automotive Window Tint helps block harmful UV rays, reject incoming summer heat, reduce glare and more.

Harsh UV rays are the leading cause in fading to an interior of a car and can damage a dash overtime. 3M™ Automotive Window Tint has scientifically been proven to block 99.9% of UV rays and rejecting up to 60% of visible light to slow fading, keeping your car lasting and safe. When this film is applied to the rear and side glass, it will help reduce the solar heat to even out your car’s interior temperature.

While keeping cool in the hot Florida sun, it is important to also follow Florida’s window tint laws. At JAG, we make sure that your auto’s windows will be tinted in accordance with the Sunshine State’s tinting laws.

Don’t let the sweltering heat take over your life this summer. Consider installing window treatments or 3M window tint. We have experts on staff who are trained in selection and installation. Contact us to learn more about our products and services today. We can be reached at (321) 631-2100.