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Looking for Gift Ideas?


Searching for gift ideas? Help your friends and family members block the sun, reduce glare and lower energy costs this holiday season with a gift certificate from JAG Window Tinting & Treatments.

Here is a look at our products and why they are great holiday gift ideas to enhance someone’s home or auto.

Gift Ideas: Consider Automotive Window Film

3M™ Automotive Window Films provide superior solar control to maximize safety and comfort on the road, making for a perfect gift for the holidays.

We carry four series of 3M™ Automotive Window Films, including the Crystalline Series, Ceramic IR Series, Color Stable Series and FX HP Series.

Constructed with break-through nanotechnology, Crystalline film contains over 200 layers of optical film but is slimmer than a Post it® Note. Due to its thickness and non-metallic composition, windshield applications never interfere with GPS or satellite radio signals. Crystalline film can reduce solar glare by up to 77% and ultraviolet light by 99.9%, providing safety, comfort and minimized fading of your vehicle’s interior. Its heat-blocking infrared rejection rate of 97% also ranks among the industry’s best. The Crystalline Series consists of six variations of tint levels ranging from crystal clear CR90 to limo tint CR20.

The Ceramic IR Series offers excellent solar rejection in seven tint degrees. Made with nano-ceramic technology, Ceramic IR film rejects as much as 99.9% of UV light, 93% of solar glare and 95% of heat-producing infrared light. Its ceramic-based structure allows for high rates of infrared rejection from all variations while maintaining an outstanding look.

Recognized for its sharp elegancy, the Color Stable Series offers superior color retention and solar control in four variations. Its nano-carbon infused film is engineered for unmatched privacy, permitting as little as 5% of visible light transmission. Color Stable film also rejects up to 99.9% of UV light, 90% of solar glare and 77% of heat-producing infrared light. Excellent aesthetics and high performance seamlessly co-exist within the Color Stable Series.

The FX-HP Series provides 97% solar glare reduction with a signature charcoal coating. FX-HP film rejects 99.9% of UV light transmission while promoting keen, distinguished appearances in six variations.

JAG Window Tinting & Treatments has experts on staff to assist with answering questions and pairing the right product for your loved one. Auto tint makes a great holiday gift!

Gift Ideas: Consider Window Film for Their Home

Our gift certificates also can be used to purchase 3M window films for enhanced security and sun control in your loved ones’ homes.

Residential window films help defend against intruders, maximize energy savings and reduce wear and tear to windows. Installation is fast and performed by our own expert team. Consider the gift idea of film to provide a safe and comfortable home this holiday season.

Choose from four of 3M’s top residential window film series, including the Prestige Series, Night Vision™ Series, Ultra Series and Ultra Prestige Series.

3M’s Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Series offers the market’s preeminent solution to residential solar control. Prestige film rejects as much as 97% of heat-producing infrared light and 99.9% of UV light, made possible by its micro-layered, non-metallic construction. Despite exceptional performance in heat and light deterrence, Prestige film maintains up to 70% of visual light transmission, providing outstanding visual clarity and comfort.

For optimal comfort at night, consider 3M’s Night Vision™ Series. Night Vision™ film can reflect as little as 6% of interior light, allowing for excellent transparency without compromising privacy. Superb color stability provided by Night Vision™ film is made possible by 3M’s innovative nanotechnology, which also helps reject up to 66% of solar heat in homes. One case study of 3M’s, a 345,000 sq ft installation of Night Vision™ film at Three Embarcadero Center, provided payback in less than a year on account of reduced energy costs.

3M™ Safety & Security Window Film, Ultra and Ultra Prestige Series present industry-leading products in residential safety. Security film keeps broken glass intact against forced entries and impacts, defending against intrusions and decreasing the risk of shard-related injuries. Studies performed on 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film have proven that intruders can take two minutes longer to breach through security-filmed windows, giving emergency responders time to arrive. This is made possible by tear-resistant technology combined with 3M’s patented micro-layered film, which is featured in both series.

JAG’s in-house experts can address your loved one’s concerns, whether it is fading, heat or glare. A gift certificate can help offset the cost of improving their comfort at home.

Gift Ideas: Consider Window Treatments for Their Home

As a Hunter Douglas Coverings Priority Dealer, JAG offers a large catalog of versatile window treatments. Product lines include shutters, blinds, roller shades and automated shades that can be extensively modified to match the aesthetic of any home. Window treatments offered by JAG can substantially reduce residential energy costs and inhibit UV light from damaging furnishing.

Hunter Douglas plantation shutters are available in a variety of combinations of designs and constructions. These window shutters offer classic looks that can be installed to windows and glass doors for effective, decorative shade.

Blinds offered by JAG are highly adaptable in composition and function. Wood, faux wood and aluminum blinds can be interchangeably customized in accordance with interior design. These blinds feature unique mechanisms and builds that can enhance any home’s décor and provide consistent shade.

Roller shades are engineered by Hunter Douglas for seamless movement and durability. These shades maintain sleek looks with high-quality fabrics and graceful operation. Roller shades are often combined with Hunter Douglas’ PowerView Automation for peak performance.

Hunter Douglas’ automated window treatments allow residents to effortlessly manage their homes’ shade like never before. Automated systems can adjust shades through battery-powered wands, apps, remote controls, switches and schedules. Combined with Hunter Douglas window treatments, these automated mechanisms can elegantly improve any home’s comfort.

As a Hunter Douglas Coverings Priority Dealer, we offer experts installations by our talented team. Help your loved one enhance their window experience at home this holiday season.

Work With Experts for Great Gift Ideas

Help your loved ones lower energy costs, reduce glare, add protection from UV rays and reduce heat using window film and/or window treatments! JAG brings an award-winning team of experts dedicated to providing customers with the comfort and safety that window films and treatments can provide.

Purchase a gift certificate today. Contact or (321) 631-2100 or stop by our location at 725 South Cocoa Blvd, in Cocoa.