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Comfort Solutions for Your Health Care Facility with 3M

Frosted window film adds privacy as a comfort solution to a health care facility.

Searching for comfort solutions for your health care facility? It’s true that people want to feel comfortable when they visit a health care provider, whether it is at a hospital or private practice. Improve the comfort of your entire facility using both 3M window film and decorative film.

3M window film is designed to prevent glare, block UV rays and lower heat by controlling the sun’s light inside a health care facility. 3M decorative film is designed to add style and privacy and improve the look and feel of a space for a health care provider.

Comfort Solutions: 3M Window Film and Health Care

If you are searching for comfort solutions for a health care facility, consider 3M™ Sun Control Window Film. Backed by science, technology and innovation, 3M window tinting is designed to dramatically improve the comfort of a health care facility by deflecting the sun’s harmful rays.

3M’s Prestige Series and Ultra Prestige Series are non-metalized, multilayer optical films. Each individual layer of film causes unwanted rays to bounce away from the window. The result?

  • 3M™ Prestige Films can block up to 99.9% of UV rays from streaming into a health care facility. UV Rays are a leading form of skin cancer.
  • 3M™ Prestige Films can offer up to a 77% reduction in glare in a health care facility, meaning patients and staff will be able to see screens and experience less eye strain.
  • 3M™ Prestige Films can reduce heat by up to 54% inside a health care facility and offer more even temperatures throughout the building (i.e. less heat pockets near windows).
  • Because the film is made with non-metal material, it will never interact negatively with electronics, such as cell phone signals.

3M window film can also add a layer of security to a health care facility. 3M’s Ultra Prestige Series is a safety and security film that also offers the same sun control benefits of the Prestige Series. After impact, the film is designed to firmly hold shattered glass in place, preventing people and property from being hurt by broken shards of glass. The film is designed to block unwanted intruders for up to two minutes – adding time for emergency officials to arrive.

Comfort Solutions: 3M Decorative Film and Health Care

Comfort solutions can be found in more than just addressing the harmful sun’s rays inside your health care facility. 3M decorative film, including 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes and 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes, can improve a health care facilities’ interior and exterior décor and create a more welcoming experience.

3M di noc finishes are designed to cover existing flat surfaces, such as cabinets, tables, doors, walls and other architectural surfaces. The 8-mil thick vinyl film comes in more than 1,000 textures and styles, including wood grains, industrial metals, solid colors and more. The product, while similar to wallpaper, is far superior. Commercial facilities, including hospitals, throughout the world have installed the film on elevator panels, doors, conference room tables, walls, columns and more.

Meanwhile, 3m glass finishes, like Fasara™, give a health care facility’s glass surfaces a new look while providing privacy. Choose from nearly 100 styles and textures of films, including frost, one-way mirror, blackout or limo tint or a custom design. These polyester films are ideal for offering privacy, yet still allowing natural light and an open feel to décor. They are ideal for any glass surface within a health care facility, including glass cabinet doors, glass walls, glass doors, shower doors and walls and more.

Both decorative films, 3M di-noc and Fasara™, offer a cost-efficient way to improve the décor of a health care facility without having to actually replace windows and furniture. This also results in less time for installation and less waste in the landfill.

Consider improving the comfort of your health care facility with a new look-and-feel of office décor. Sometimes, a fresh look can make a big difference.

Comfort Solutions: Speak to An Expert

JAG Window Films and Treatments has helped hundreds of business owners, including health care providers, with improving the space within their facilities. This includes the installation of both window films and decorative films and finishes to improve comfort.

As a 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer, JAG Window Films and Treatments has experts on staff who are trained in the installation of both window films and decorative films and finishes. Installations are also backed by a strong manufacturer warranty.

To speak to an expert today about improving the comfort of your health care facility, contact JAG Window Tinting and Treatments at (321) 631-2100 or at