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Block the Heat Coming from Your Commercial Windows


Improve the overall experience inside your facility, for both customers and employees, by covering your commercial windows with window film, blinds and window shades.

While commercial windows can create an abundance of natural light, they also can be burdensome at times. Excessive heat from the sun can cause heat pockets and high energy costs. Meanwhile, the sun can cause a distracting glare, causing employee discomfort and lowering productivity. The sun’s UV rays increase fading in flooring and furniture, which can mean higher costs for replacements.

Adding office window tinting and/or commercial window treatments to your commercial windows can help block heat, lower high energy costs, reduce glare, slow fading and improve the overall comfort of your facility.

Cover Your Commercial Windows with 3M™ Window Film

Improve your facility’s commercial windows by adding a layer of protection using 3M™ Window Film. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film is scientifically proven to reduce heat, prevent glare and help to slow the effects of fading furniture and flooring from the sun’s harsh rays.

An industry leader, 3M received the first patent for sun control window film in 1966. Globally, more than five million buildings have 3M™ Window Film installed. The films are designed to provide fast paybacks – as short as three years.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film has proven to reduce indoor temperatures by as much as nine degrees in direct sunlight. The films are designed to reject up to 79 percent of the sun’s heat, which will help keep rooms at a more even, moderate temperature. Ultimately, this helps to lower high energy costs associated with heating and cooling your commercial space.

Add privacy and security to your commercial windows with window tinting. Prestige Series, which is 3M’s top-of-the-line window film, comes in a variety of tint levels. You can choose a clear option to not change the look of your building or choose a darker tint to offer more privacy. Meanwhile, 3M’s Ultra Series offers safety and security benefits with the sun control benefits. The Ultra Series is engineered as a thicker film to help minimize injury to people and protect property from break-ins and unwanted entries.

Cover Your Commercial Windows with Window Treatments

Window treatments, including blinds, plantation shutters and window shades, can also reduce the harmful effects of the sunlight coming through your commercial windows.

Mecho shade systems offers some of the best commercial window treatments in the world. Since 1969, Mecho has delivered the highest quality and innovative products for sun control. Both its manual and motorized shade systems for commercial windows are designed to improve comfort and efficiency within the work environment.

Similar to window tinting, Mecho shades offer significant reduction in solar heat gain and protection from UV rays, the leading cause of fading. Window shades also can help to lower high energy costs associated with cooling a facility.

Mecho’s ElectroShades are ideal for high, wide and inaccessible areas of your commercial space, like lobbies, atriums, conference rooms and executive offices. The ElectroShade option allows for automation, so they can be time-controlled, sun activated or remote controlled. Manual roller shades have an easy Lift-Assist Mechanism for extra-large shades in conference rooms and shared spaces.

In addition to being Mecho films dealer, JAG Window Tinting & Treatments is a Hunter Douglas Coverings Priority Dealer. Hunter Douglas window treatments offers hundreds of choices of colors, textures, fabrics and function – including automation options for your commercial windows.

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